Wednesday, November 30, 2005

80 Years of Love in Action

This year you have named My birthday the '80 Years of Love in Action" of the Avathaar (God incarnated on earth in human form).

I am sure you have benefited from the spiritual company. I do not think of one particular date in the calendar as My birthday, for I consider the day when Divinity blossoms in your heart as My birthday in you. Therefore, each of you should individually celebrate such a day as My birthday. The day when you resolve to practice My advice, to follow My directives, to translate My message into acts of service, and to engage in spiritual discipline -- that day is My birthday for you.

The 23rd day of November, which you now honor as the day on which I was born, is just like any other day if you celebrate it in a routine, ritual fashion.

Adore man; the adoration reaches Me. Neglect man; you neglect Me. Of what avail is it to worship the Lord and to suppress man, His counterpart? Love for God must be manifested as love for man, and love must express itself as service.

Through love alone --love acquired through spiritual discipline and shared with all as spiritual discipline-- can peace be attained, by the individual as well as by the nation.

My Life is My Message and My Message is Love.


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