Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cry Of A Kid 2

Oh Arunachala!

Countless are the exams written by my past,
with varied results,
near and far to full,
with and without a teacher,
when failures were accepted too,
But, this exam of self realization,
is not commonly registered for,
and multiple cases show up in the road,
of examinees who've failed,
due to deficiency of will,
or persistence or focus,
or absence of sath-guru
or failure to follow him blind-fold,
or the vice-grip of prarabdha !
With hoards of soldiers withdrawing-dead or injured,
fighting the evil mind and senses !
Frightening for this kid is this path ,
fraught with such examples in plenty !
Hey Bhagwan !
Instill in me endless faith in u,
As I come towards thee,
Like a child falling and crying,
walking and running,
yearning for that divine hug !
Oh Arunachala !
Bless me clear this exam,
as anything less than full(Samaadhi ),
is a failure !
Oh Arunachala !

-என் நண்பர் திரு ராகவ பாரதி அவர்கள் எழுதியது

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