Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cry Of A Kid 1

A thousand Prostrations to the elephant headed god,
to clear hurdles ahead of me,
in communicating this hymn to the supreme arunachala !

Oh Arunachala !
That you are omnipresent,
and accessible the most,
and more loving than a mother,
say the sages .
But here does my sadhana stand,
like a sapling on the river's path,
ready to be washed away anytime,
by the flood of thoughts !
But now i do demand to you,
like a child to its mother,
not mukthi, not sidhdhis,
neither wealth, nor knowledge,
but in the least,
Pray show your affection to this fool,
in some perceivable way,
and nothng more,
to be the lone support,
for this sapling .
Oh Arunachala !

-என் நண்பர் திரு ராகவ பாரதி அவர்கள் எழுதியது

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